lunes, 17 de octubre de 2011

Monitoring IBM ServeRaid

I have been managing a PIV based IBM server with an IBM ServeRaid 4Lx scsi controller, using Debian (currently squeeze) which supports it without any problem, but without having raid monitoring all this time (no tool on Debian for this). There is nothing I hate more about raids than not having monitoring of its status, so today I managed to get some time to start searching around about how to monitor this beast.

I ended up downloading the IBM CD for the card from to see if I could find the soft there and there it was, as easy as mounting the iso and copying ipssend from the linux/scsi/cmdline/ directory to my /usr/local/sbin and then running it.

Now I can feel much more confortable about this machine, not as much as I would feel as if it was running softraid with mdadm's monitoring, but enough for now.

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