viernes, 31 de julio de 2009

Blu:Sens K30 how the hell... could I plug it the other way round?

Ok, so I have one of these blu:sens K30 devices around, it is a multimedia HD, not a good one but does its job, specially when you got it as a gift, the thing is that the USB type B connector that it has is so bad that I managed to plug the cable in the connector upside down (yes, I know this is supposed to be imposible on USB, but in this machine it isn't that difficult), which basically means that I connected the GND and 5V to the data lines, which resulted in the usb bus being dead.

After openning the case I followed the data lines of the USB which directly go to a CY7C68300C which in my case is now dead (at least the USB part).

Anyway, the K30 is still working, so if this happened to you also... what you can do now is remove the usb connector and take the sata one from the disk and from the board of the K30 outside, this way if you have an esata port around you'll still be able to use the disk as an external drive, and if you bridge the two sata ports (the one from the disk and the one from the K30 board) together, you'll still have your K30 working. This way, you can fill the disk through the e-sata (or pluging it to a sata to usb converter) and then watch what you put on it when you bridge it to the board :-)

This is what I'm going to do to mine when time permits, I'll post some pictures when I finish this up.

Un resumencillo en castellano... resulta que el conector usb del blu:sens K30 es tan malo que conseguí meterlo del revés (como disculpa decir que lo estaba enchufando a ciegas, como no) y peté la parte usb de un chip, con lo que ahora ya no puedo meter datos en el disco duro, si bien la reproducción funciona perfectamente. La solución sacarle el conector USB y poner el SATA en el exterior :-) Las fotos cuando tenga tiempo para hacerlo, claro.

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