martes, 12 de julio de 2022

Programming Retevis RT46

So... some time ago we bought a pair of RT46 for the children, they work pretty well, however we found out on the instructions manual that we can change a lot of parameters through software programming, like disabling CTCSS/DCS so that we can hear other radios that don't have it enabled.

The first thing was to get the software from Retevis. They sent me an exe that looks to be compiled for Windows XP, bad luck there, but we have an old windows tablet around that maybe could run this.

So... we needed the cable and we found this schema:


To build this we would need a USB to 3.3v serial (like the cable I use for La Fonera) and a couple of connectors 2.5 and 3.5 mm audio connectors, wich came out of an old Nokia audio cable and other broken things, plus a 3 pin header, we had it all.

After a bit of soldering we had...

this adaptor

Which seemed ok, but the windows driver for that cable saying... "pl2303hxa phased out since 2012" didn't look ok, and in fact didn't work, we googled to Ruben's github and that solved it, we finally could read the values from the radio and write new ones there :-)

I tried to google some Linux stuff for this products but found none, maybe wine can help here, if I have the time I'll do some tests on this, any better hint?

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